Ke Wen,co-founder, professor of Tai ji Quan and Yangsheng culture, is the founder and director of the Chinese cultural center « Les Temps du Corps » in Paris, (founded in 1992). Her programs offer Europeans different approaches to understand China. She also runs a professional personal development stress management program using traditional Chinese methods, personal impact, assertiveness solution, creativity and innovation. She successfully coaches France’s top executives how to succeed in the world of Chinese business & vice versa: as China’s top executives acquire the necessary skill sets to succeed in French business.

Ke Wen is an Honorary Representative of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Yunnan. Since 1995, she has conducted a training program for professional teachers. Throughout her long career as a teacher, trainer and lecturer, she has managed to infuse the Chinese culture throughout Europe, creating events between West and East. According to Chinese Thought, her training sessions give practical solutions on how to achieve harmony between body and mind.

Combining her knowledge of Chinese culture and her experience of teaching, she has started a PhD in Shanghai University of Sports.  Ke Wen is the author of the successful book “Entrez dans la pratique du Qi Gong, les fondements philosophiques” (Start Practising Qi Gong, Philosophical Roots).

Ke Wen brings her liveliness, delightful personality and professional insight into the work she does.