Marceau Chenault has a PhD in Sciences and Techniques of Physical Education and Sport. He has trained people on team building, coaching and self-awareness.  Based on Western and Eastern anthropological cultural practices, he has created training on how to deal with stress in day-to-day management. In 2007, he was awarded by the Regional Agency of Innovation and Technological Transfer and French Center Region for an enterprise project CREMS (Research Center Education Movement and Health). He has decided to extend his action research abilities in China.

Marceau is an expert on body language. For the last 25 years, he has explored different ways of how to communicate via body language. As a Martial Arts professor, he has taught Judo for 10 years in France: in particular at Orleans University and one of the main Olympic clubs in Europe (Union Sportive Orléans Judo). He has also practiced Chinese traditional health exercises more than 10 years ago and has continued to teach them since 2003. As a dancer, he performed in Maurice Bejart‘s Bolero. He is presently the director of the French dance company Grand 8. Every summer, he leads workshops about movement and creativity in different French dance festivals.

As a Fellow researcher, Marceau works in Shanghai at East China Normal University preparing international seminars about « Techniques of body awareness between Eastern and Western practices » and teaching Qi Dance for Chinese students. He publishes French papers about Chinese and European traditional health practices. He speaks French, English and  learning Chinese.